Step 1: Save your affiliate information in LavaHotDeals

If you want to convert the our RSS feed to a feed can help you making money, please register one Affiliate Program: VigLink or SkimLinks etc. Please follow the instruction: Register affiliate programs and save your affiliate information

Step 2: Find out your money making RSS feed url

For Canada, your feed url is: 
For USA, your feed url is: 
You can also add a keyword to filter the deals, for examples:
  • RSS feed only contain amazon deals:
  • RSS feed only contain price error deals:
  • RSS feed with only coffee grinder deals:
If a visitor clicks the link inside your RSS feed and reaches to, almost all the deal links in LavaHotDeals will be converted to your affiliated links.

Step 3: Utilize free online tools to publish your money making feed

There are plenty of free online RSS feeds tools integrated RSS feed. You could utilize these online tools to publish and share your feeds to maximize the rewards.
The following is an examples that uses RSSinclude to create a widget that can be embedded into a page:


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