Once a visitor has reached LavaHotDeals.com with your referral info within the link, all the deal links in our site will be converted to your affiliate links. It's easy and free. 

Step 1: Save your affiliate information in LavaHotDeals

First, please register at least one of the following Affiliate Programs: VigLink or SkimLinks etc. Please follow the instruction: Register affiliate programs and save your affiliate information

Step 2: Find out your lavahotdeal.com referral URL

It's easy. Simply append ?ref=username  or &ref=username at the end of lavahotdeals.com URLs as the followings:
  • http://www.lavahotdeals.com/us/?ref=username
  • http://www.lavahotdeals.com/us/?hottest=24&ref=username
  • http://www.lavahotdeals.com/us/cheap/airblown-inflatable-ghostly/16032?ref=username
You affiliate info will stay with the visitor even he/she visits other deal pages in LavaHotDeals. Our system will keep attaching your affiliate info to this visitor until the visitor's session times out (after 30 minutes inactive). Currently deal links in the following URLs will be converted to YOURS:
  • http://www.lavahotdeals.com/us/*
  • http://www.lavahotdeals.com/ca/*
  • http://www.lavahotdeals.com/canada-daily-deals/*

Step 3: Share your referral URLs and earn money

Once a user clicks your referral URL and makes purchases, you will earn commission from this transaction. You will receive 100% commission from VigLink or SkimLinks etc. LavaHotDeals charges no fee.

If you have any question, please leave a comment in the end of this page. Thanks

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