Sharing is virtue and now at you can share hot deals from USA and Canadian online store and get yourself rewarded by sharing them! 


By sharing any deal on our site you will convert almost all the deal links on to your affiliated links. 

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What does it mean to you by converting all links to yours? It means If anyone makes purchases via clicking your affiliated links, you will receive 100% commission resulted from those purchases. does not charge you fees. We are here to provide a FREE platform for you to earn! 


Follow the steps and start earning money:

Step 1: Create an account at

Go to and create an account. 


Step 2: Register affiliate programs

There are several affiliate programs that will help you to earn commissions:

  • VigLink monetizes your deal links to over 30,000 retailers, such as Sears, Walmart, BestBuy and etc. Also highly recommended. 
  • An alternative to VigLink is SkimLinks. However not everyone gets approved from SkimLinks.


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Step 3: Convert deal links in LavaHotDeals to your affiliated links

If a visitor comes to via your referral link, almost all the deal links in will be converted to your affiliated links


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Step 4: Convert our RSS feed to your money making feed


If you have a website or niche, you can embed your money making feed into your pages to make money.

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Step 5: Create a money making Twitter Bot using IFTTT and LavaHotDeals RSS


If you have a lot of followers in Twitter, Facebook or Pinterest,  you can create a money making Bot using IFTTT and LavaHotDeals RSS

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If you have any questions, please leave a comment below. We will be ready to assist you. 

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