There are several affiliate programs that will help you to earn commissions. You don't have to register all of them. For example, if you registered VigLink, almost all the links you posted will be monetized, including links. 

You can select one of the combinations based on the commission rate and the reliability of the program. 

If you already registered these programs, you can just jump to the blue color highlighted sections to see how to save your affiliate information in 
If you have any question, please leave a comment in the end of this page. Thanks

Universal Affiliate Program

Universal Affiliate Program is the program that tries to convert all your deal links to your affiliated links. There are two popular universal affiliate programs: VigLink and SkimLink. Please only select one of them as your Universal Affiliate Program. 

1. VigLink

VigLink monetize ordinary links to over 30,000 retailers, including,, and etc. Using VigLink you will avoid the hassle of managing countless affiliate programs. Please click Here to register. Highly recommended. 

To see the commission rate of a merchant, go to VigLink -> Tools -> Merchant Explorer.

Once you registered and logged into VigLink dashboard, go to menu Manage -> Account, find your API key in the account page. For example: VigLink API key: 83db95f5d002580e5fd072fd5a6e7d. Please save this API key in our User Settings page. 

2. SkimLinks

An alternative to VigLink is SkimLinks. However not everyone gets approved from SkimLinks. To see the commission rate of a merchant, log into SkimLinks Publisher Hub and go to menu Merchant. 

Once you registered and logged into SkimLinks Publisher Hub, go to top navigation bar -> Account, find your SiteID in the page.  For example: SiteID: 44422X8465943. Please save this SiteID in our User Settings page. 

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