Money making Twitter Bot using IFTTT and LavaHotDeals RSS

With IFTTT, It's very easy for us to create Twitter Bot that posts tweet when new deal was posted in LavaHotDeals. Of course that deal contains YOUR affiliate link. Here's steps


1. Register at and save your affiliate information

If you are new to the LavaHotDeals's free service that helping you make money, please check out How To Convert Deal Links in LavaHotDeals To Your Affiliated Links


2. Find out your money making RSS feed url

Once you have saved your affiliate information in out DB, you can find out RSS url with your referral id by following:

For Canada, your feed url is: 


For USA, your feed url is: 


You can also add a keyword to filter the deals, for examples:

  • RSS feed only contain amazon deals:
  • RSS feed only contain price error deals:
  • RSS feed with only coffee grinder deals:

New You can list the deals that is the hottest in last 12 hours, for examples (cannot be combined with keyword): 



3. Log in to IFTTT and go to this IFTTT page. Connect Feed to Twitter 

If your IFTTT has not connected to your Twitter channel, please authorize IFTTT to connect your twitter account. When you set up the connection, please go to this IFTTT page and follow the screenshot below.


Your tweet will be contain the deal title, an image and a link. The link will be your referral link to If a visitor clicks the link to, not only this deal link but also all other deal links in will be converted to your affiliated link. 



Yes, you can do the same to create a Facebook bot, Pinterest bot or other bots too. 

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